Details for the following events can be found in the weekly Ezra Newsletter.

Shabbos Afternoon Groups
On Shabbos afternoons (in the winter, on Motzai Shabbos), Ezra runs a number of groups in both North West London, Edgware and Manchester. Chanichim aged from 7 up to 15 are enjoying activities, which have been carefully planned by their Madrichim, to combine enjoyable challenges and games with a clear Torah message.

Ezra Minyan
On Shabbos Mevorchim HaChodesh, we host a Shabbos morning Minyan at PAI House for the whole community. We have a large minyan, complete with a guest speaker and Kiddush. Join us for an inspiring and enjoyable Minyan!

Madrich/a in Training Program (MIT)
MIT’s main aim is to train and build the next generation of leaders. We provide Hadracha in a fun and informal environment.

During the winter, boys in Year 9 and above gather together for learning in Chavrusos and Chaburos, followed by refreshments (including cholent and kugel) and a Shiur.

When summer arrives, the learning program moves to Shabbos afternoon. ESSP, as it is more commonly known, includes Mincha and learning in Chaburos, followed by a bumper Shalosh Seudos and a Shiur from a range of renowned speakers.

T.O.P Program 
Ezra Inter Girls, Madrichot and Bogrot from all over the country are picking up the phone to learn all different topics of Torah. We are so happy to be encouraging learning through the Torah OPhone program – Be part of the initiative!

Open PAI chill and Open PAI Chaburos
Girls in years 9+ come to PAI house to chill with their madrichot and friends, learn torah, have fun and enjoy each other company. These two programs run on alternate weeks.

Bas Mitzvah Program
We aim to help make the Bas Mitzvah year an especially meaningful and fun one for your daughter. The girls have a great time together whilst exploring timeless lessons from Jewish women in Tanach and realise how special and privileged they are to be becoming Bas Mitzvah and to be a part of Am Yisrael in our thriving community.

Chessed Programme for Year 8 Girls!
Chessed program provides chessed opportunities with in the community for the girls to get involved in

Junior Girl’s Events 
We aim to hold monthly events on Sunday’s throughout the year. These provide fun yet educational activities for our Junior Girls, based on events in the Jewish Calendar.

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