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History Of Ezra

Founded in 1919, Ezra is the oldest religious youth movement in the UK.  Now with branches in London and Manchester, we provide children and teenagers with a host of recreational and educational activities within a Jewish framework.  Ezra seeks to promote religious values, and encourages its members to make a positive contribution to the wider community.

Ezra UK

Ezra is run by dedicated Madrichim and Staff volunteering in their free time to give Chanichim a most rewarding and exciting time. There are two separate sections, headed by the Mazkir and Mazkira respectively, one for the boys and one for the girls.

Madrichim and Bogrim are constantly working to ensure a packed program of events across the year for all age groups.  Shabbos afternoon groups take place at three locations – PAI House, Edgware and Manchester. From chol hamoed outings, minyan and learning programs, summer and winter camps, shabbatons and shorter events, there is always something going on and events coming up!

Each activity is meticulously planned by the Madrichim to combine enjoyable challenges and games with a clear Torah message.
Ezra Madrichim

Boys Director Eli Broder

Chinuch Director Rabbi Avrumi Lichtig

“>Shia S, Ari P, Shua G

Year Madrichim
 NW 3 & 4 Jacob Shelley, Avi Barr, Gadi Hackenbroch, Emanuel Hackenbroch
NW 5 Josh Tysman, Ari Noimark, Zevi Dove
NW 6 Osher Ollech, Tzvi Ziskind, Yoni Gluck, Yisroel Landau
yr 7 Gavriel Lazarus, Ari Morris, Shia Schrieber
yr 8 Chaim Samet, Raph Kass, Ari Paster
yr 9 Shmuli Netzer, Yishai Lerer, Moshe Meir Meyers, Sami Cantor
yr 10 Avi Landau, Shaul Hackenbroch, Yaakov Rosenthal, Uriel Weisz
Ezra Madrichot

Girls Director Elianna Wieder

Year Madrichot
NW 2 & 3 Miri Klopman, Pnina Hackenbroch, Sara Eckstein
NW 4 Orli Maerovits, Shira Rees, Tali Smus
NW 5 Margalit Swabel, Shira Blatter
NW 6 Sara Solomon, Ella Issacson, Rina Stanton
Edg 4 & 5 Rosie Russel, Batsheva S, Shoshi Friedman
Edg 5&6 Leah Kalmus. Chana Kada
yr 7 Aviguyil Rowe, Ariella Goldstein
yr 8 Sara Opat, Faigy Schreiber, Ahuva Ormonde
yr 9 Elisheva Schreiber, Ayala Wechsler
yr 10 Rina Fadlun, Kayla Samuels, Talya Soriano
Bas Mitzva Program Kayla Hollander, Sivan Jackson
Yr 8 Chessed Program Sara Landau, Esther Landau
MIT Tova Sharman, Dina Joseph, Ella Morris,

Naomi Zeidman, Miri Klass

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