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Winter Camp 2015 – The ultimate winter extravaganza

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Winter Camp 2015 – The ultimate winter extravaganza

Winter Camp 2015 – The ultimate winter extravaganza

Winter Camp 2015 kicked off with a Shabbaton in PAI House, followed by a sleep-away camp in Oxford. We began with a delicious Friday night meal before dividing into year groups. Younger years participated in a variety of games, whilst older years enjoyed an inspiring Oneg with plenty of food and singing.

On Shabbos day, Winter Camp teamed up with the monthly PAI House Minyan for Shacharis before enjoying a very noisy lunch. On Sunday morning we embarked on our journey to camp. Chanichim were pleasantly surprised when we stopped off halfway to Oxford and announced that we would be going Paintballing! In the evening the chanichim had a chance to pit their business acumen against each other and conquer the stock market in a specially designed tochnit.

The next day, Chanichim were split into groups, with half enjoying various sports activities, whilst the others attempted climbing challenges including a terrifying high-ropes course, before swapping over after lunch. Finally, to top off an action packed day, Chanichim were put into groups and tasked with solving the puzzling mystery of who murdered Boris Johnson!

But before saying goodbye, we still had one more surprise. On our way home, we announced that we were going go-karting! The go-karting was tremendous fun, complete with friendly competition.

All in all, it was a tremendous success. A big thank you goes to all involved, particularly the madrichim, and especially the Camp Rosh, Eliav Segal.