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MIT in Review: Raffi Maurer


April 9th, 2015


In 2013/14, I had the privilege of being part of the first ever Ezra Madrich-in-Training programme (MIT). The first major MIT event was in October when we went to Kenton for an excellent Shabbaton. Throughout the weekend, there was an emphasis on being Mechazek (uplifting) the Kenton community. As well as leading the Shul services and having an Oneg with the community Rov, we also had discussions and activities about being good madrichim, which set the tone for the year’s training. We were amazed at the positive response to our presence and the successful theme of bringing Chizzuk to communities was brought forward to subsequent MIT Shabbatonim and trips. Throughout the winter we often had group with our Madrich, Daniel Moise. He held interesting discussions about his experiences as Rosh on Inter Camp and how he dealt with issues that arose. Through the year, we had a regular series of Shiurim given by Reb Shmuel Kimche entitled ‘Da Ma Shetoshiv’ which explored concepts of Emunah and addressed many questions that a Jewish teenager may have whilst growing up. A highlight for me was the trip to Gibraltar last February. In the days leading up to Shabbos we went on great trips, such as a hike up the Rock and a seaside dolphin cruise. We also had discussions, learning programmes and a football game with Gibraltarian boys our age. On Shabbos we brought the theme of Chizzuk into the community by dancing in Shul after Maariv on Friday night and running a massive Melave Malke for over 50 Gibraltarian youths. The trip was a huge success and left a good impression both on us and on the community. Through the activities that were run for us, me and my peers now feel ready to become the next generation of Ezra Madrichim. On behalf of the group I’d like to thank Daniel Moise, Reb Shmuel Kimche and everyone else involved in making MIT possible. We had greatly fulfilling year and this is hopefully only the start of the brilliant impact that MIT can have.