Ezra London


Ezra is run by dedicated Madrichim and Staff volunteering in their free time to give Chanichim a most rewarding and exciting time. The Boys and Girls sides of the organisation are overseen, respectively, by the Rosh Madrichim and Rosh Madrichot.


Every Shabbos afternoon, PAI House is bustling with a number of Ezra groups consisting of Chanichim aged all the way from 7 up to 15. Each group’s activities are meticulously planned by the Madrichim to combine enjoyable challenges and games with a clear Torah message. Group times are included in the weekly Ezra Newsletter.

Every month, on Shabbos Mevorchim HaChodesh, we host a Shabbos morning Minyan at PAI House which starts at 9.30am. We have a large minyan, complete with a guest speaker and Kiddush. Join us for an inspiring and enjoyable Minyan!

During the winter, boys in Year 9 and above gather together in Toras Chaim Shul for learning in Chavrusos and Chaburos, followed by refreshments (including cholent and kugel) and a Shiur.

When summer arrives, the learning programme moves to Shabbos afternoon. ESSP, as it is more commonly known, includes Mincha and learning in Chaburos, followed by a bumper Shalosh Seudos and a Shiur from a range of renowned speakers.