Israel Tour



FEEL the rush of the waterfalls in the Galil and snorkel with the fish in the clear blue seas of Eilat. Float in the Dead Sea, climb the Masada and abseil down the awesome Rimon crater. SLEEP under the stars during an exhilarating desert night hike. GET TO KNOW the land of our Avos & Imohos by visiting sites mentioned in Tenach. TAKE IN the breathtaking sights, the delicious flavours and the special atmosphere of Shabbos in the Holy city of Yerushalyim. EZRA TOUR 2019 is an incredible experience with your friends and a ruach unchallenged by any other summer tour. TRAVEL through the past on this wonderful journey where you will discover things you never knew about the history, heritage and uniqueness of the Jewish people.


We promise to bring you top quality activities and incredible tochniot together with regular fascinating and interactive shiurim.


The group will be joined by an experienced tour guide as well as a security guard and first-aiders. The unique Ezra Israel Machane programme has been created with the help of some of the top service providers and mechanchim in the country, to help give you three and half weeks of incredible activities and memories that you will never forget.