Although groups, activities, and events are enjoyed by all, we understand that little can match the power of a weekend away or a residential camp. We perceive that these provide an opportunity for Chanichim to forge life-long relationships with their Madrichim, with whom they discuss matters relating to Torah, hashkofo and the world at large. It also allows a Chanich to fully internalise Torah messages in a fun environment which allows for full discussion and thought. To this end, each moment of an Ezra camp is carefully designed with an aim to maximise the Chanich’s exposure to Torah ideas in a fun and exciting setting, through games, activities and Tochniot. To achieve this, we seek out the best talent to lead our Camps, always open to new ideas from new places.

Ezra hosts a number of camps throughout the year.

In addition to our short Winter Camps in February, and ‘Junior Weeks’ in December – day camps organised for Junior Boys and Junior Girls in the winter holiday – we also run a number of summer camps, viewed by many as the highlight of the year.

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